Peace of mind for your operations

Monitor your vehicles, assets, reduce fuel costs, increase efficiency and more with advance Telematics.

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Protect your most valuable assets

Deliver efficiency and uncompromised security of assets even if taken to most remote locations. Streamline manual operations and make data-driven decisions.
Mobile Management

All-in-one solution for field service management

Automate field service operations to increase team productivity, reduce expenses and refine customer experience.

Real Time Tracking

Enjoy profound visibility. Protect vehicles, cargo and equipment from theft or unauthorized use.

Communication Tool

Assign jobs based on employee locations with digital forms, checklists and built in chat.

Fleet Maintenance

Automate maintenance practices and manage service costs.

Route Planning

Build efficient routes to avoid traffic and reduce fuel costs.,

API Integrations

Use our comprehensive REST API to integrate with CRM's, ERP's and third party applications.

Driver Behavior

Promote safe driving. Detect speeding, excessive idling and harsh driving maneuvers.

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